Cheer USA Guildlines

General Rules
  • Good sportsmanship will be enforced at each Cheer USA Championships Events any team/individual that display unsportsmanlike behavior will have a 10-point deduction from their total score.  No one is allowed to approach the judges at any time.
  •  Cheer USA Champions are Awarded National Jackets, one jacket per individual.  Dance Teams usually compete in multiple categories. In a case where a dance team is the only participate in multiple categories only ONE National Jacket will be awarded and the team will still have to meet the required score to receive National Jackets.  Cheer USA reserves the right to substitute awards for the additional routines.
  • All teams must have 2 copies of music and a representative from the team available to run the music.  Music must be cued and brought to the music section once team is on deck.  No more than a 5-second lead time is allowed.  NEW!  Coaches must have competition music on a CD.  Remember the volume on a CD is much clearer than a cassette tape.
  • The importance of a clean routine must be the teams # 1 priority.
  • Teams must remember to practice in the designated practice area.
  • Cheer and Dance teams will perform on the same floor unless otherwise noted.   The Performance floor is a 54′ X 42′ 9 rolls Spring Floor, the warm-up area is a 54′ X 42′ Cheer Foam Floor & a 12′ x 60′ Tumble Strip unless otherwise noted.
  • New! Each division that applies to the participant’s age applies as of August 31, 2018 that applies to the participant’s age this season. Be sure to check for changes to safety rules/guidelines.
  • Proof of age may be required along with registration if a team/individual is accused of team/individual age/grade violation.
  • However, Cheer USA has no way of knowing if an illegal participant will be performing at the events.
  • All coaches are required to sign a Code of Conduct Form. It has been brought to our knowledge that due to the rise of competitiveness in the sport and gyms becoming closer in location there has been an increase in rivalries. Cheer USA Championships has reserved the right at each of our events/competition to: Warn a gym/team’s head coach on 1st occurrence, Assess a 10-point penalty on the 2nd occurrence and Disqualify on the 3rd occurrence for unsportsmanlike or unsafe conduct by a coach,competitor or parent. As leaders of the Cheer/Dance Community, let’s teach our Athletes to be good sports. 
Competition Floor
  • Performance and Warm-Up Floor may vary per Event. This will depend on the Venue size and other factors. Please always refer to the specific Event you are interested in. If the performance and or warm-up floor demensions has changed information will listed under Event Date.
Interruption Policy
  • Illness/Injury, In the past Cheer USA has experienced Athletes becoming ill during their performances. If an illness or injury occur during a performance Cheer USA has put in place a 45 min regroup time limit. This will give the team the opportunity to regroup before they are required to perform again. If the illness occurred during a performance on the performance floor the team can elect to be put back into rotation within 45 min, or right before the awards ceremony of their level, whichever comes first. If an injury occur during a performance the team will be allowed to perform again from the point the injury and or illness took place.
  • Music interruption, Although Cheer USA uses updated equipment to ensure that the music flows properly. It is equipment and equipment has the tendency to fail. If an interruption is made because of Cheer USA’s sound system failure. The team will be allowed to perform again from the point of interruption.
  • From time a Coach may disagree with: Penalties, Deduction Issues, Placement of Opposing Team and or Individuals, Opposing Team Members Age/Grade Violation, etc. Anything that requires a video or document review will follow the procedure below:
  • I realize that all complaints must be in writing and submitted at the registrations desk. ONLY Coaches can submit complaints or protests. If the complaint is made after the competition please be aware that time will be an issue. Once a team has left the competition Cheer USA has no control over how long it will take the team and or individual in question to respond.
  • There will be a ONE-TIME FEE of $75 at the time of the protest. If the protest is found to be in your favor, the Fee will be returned.
  • If the protest is about Proof of Age, it will be the responsibility of the source to complete a Protest Form at Registration and also provide specifics on the issue at hand. The Coach will be notified before, during, or after the event. This strongly depend on the availability of appropriate staff.
  • IF the protest pertains to a division change, the team and or individual will be moved into the correct division. Note: If the awards ceremony has taken place and if the team and or individual performed illegally, all titles will be revoked from the team and or individual and the awards will be adjusted accordingly.
Coaches Box
  • Cheer USA has put in place a designated coach’s area during the performance of their team and or individual performance. (This will depend on venue space, some venues may not have adequate space to provide the coach’s box). Remember the Coaches Box is only for coaches and Coaches are not allowed to assist with their team performance. Exception: Show Team are allowed assistance but not directly in front of the judges view.
Tie Policy
  • Cheer USA has decided that if a Tie occurs with a difference of .05 Judges may Elect to reward a Tie. This is strickly at the Judges Discretion.
Crossover Policy
  • Cheer USA will attempt to restrain from overlapping of teams that has crossovers by placing them at a 15 to 30 min time difference. However, we cannot guarantee that overlapping will not occur on the Final Schedule.
Early Bird/Other Fees
  • New BOGO PLAN. Compete ALL Season for One-Low Fee.
  • To take advantage of upfront savings, sign up for the BOGO Plan or Register Early (30-days prior) to avoid late fees.
  • Door registration can only be paid with cash, money order, or cashier check and gyms/teams must pay the Regular Rate. (No Exceptions)  (For complete breakdown of fees Click on the Competition Fees Link! / call the office @ 832.259.1264 / or email the Event Director @
Spectator Fees

Spectator/Admission Fees are listed on each event page you choose to attend! Admission Fees varies per Venue.

  • Program Booklets are $3-$5 depending on the size of the booklet “If Applicable”
  • NEW! (Children 6 and under are FREE) 
  • (Cheer USA reserves the right to change these fees if necessary)
Cancellation Policy
  • If you are a No show: Amount Retained!
  • If a participant cancels “Regardless of Reason” you may replace that individual with another and use the registration fee of the canceled individual.
  • CHEER USA, Does not offer Refunds. If you are attending a later event, teams may receive full credit toward the next event in the same season. All cancellations must be submitted in writing and emailed to the Event Director, @
Other Questions?
  • Cheer USA is a Member of USASF. click here for details.
  • The Top Gun Finals is a Bid Event, click here for details.
  • Cheer USA reserves the right to add, change, omit or combine divisions for any reason.   
  • YES, Teams and or Individuals can compete at the TEXAS OPEN NATIONALS even if the team and or individual have not competed with us prior to the Texas Open Nationals.  Individuals need Coach’s Approval
  • Teams must have a Compliance Form and Code of Conduct Form on file with Cheer USA before competing.  Once forms are on file they are good for the entire competition season.  Only Cheer USA forms are accepted.
  • There are different forms for each division, be sure that you fill out the correct form.  Only Cheer USA forms are accepted.
  • Forms are due in office by the specified due date.   (No phone in registration please).  Checks will be accepted from Schools/Sponsors, Booster Clubs, Gyms, and Leagues, Only!  Absolutely No personal checks accepted.  No checks will be accepted 2 weeks prior to competition ONLY a Money Order, Credit Card Payment, or Cashier Check will be accepted.

CHEER USA RULES, updated on July, 2018.

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