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2016-2017 Dance Team Safety Guidelines, Rules & Age Divisions
2016-2017 Cheer * Dance Programs

No BIDS Necessary to attend the 2016-2017 Texas Open Nationals in Humble, TX

March 10-12, 2017-Humble Civic Center

  • All-Star Programs: Teams consisting of member’s males or females with a primary goal in mind to perform or compete and in no way represent a school or sport, members may be from various schools or same schools. Teams are coached by a paid professional and works out in a private studio or gym.  (USASF Rules and Guidelines Apply).
  • All-Star Prep: Some people may prefer to this division as All-Star Rec. All-Star Prep Cheer are teams developed or formulated as an alternative to traditional all-star teams. These teams do not have the same participation and/or commitment as a traditional all-star team. They are generally comprised of athletes with limited opportunity to cheer for a traditional all-star counterpart. All-Star Prep Cheer teams ARE affiliated with an all-star program.
  • School: Teams consisting of member’s males/females that are enrolled in the school they are representing. (AACCA Safety Guidelines Apply).
  • Dance Studio: A team that is trained in a dance studio by a paid professional dance instructor and not affiliated with a Cheer/Dance/ or gymnastics team.
  • Youth Rec: A community team that may or may not cheer for an organized or league sport and is not formed for the primary purpose of competing. Coaches are non-paid, and or non-professional. AACCA Safery Guideline Apply.
  • College: Team members must be currently enrolled at the Institution they are representing at the time of performance. (AACCA Safety Guideline Apply).
  • Show Teams Teams will consist of members Youth & Below. Show Teams do not compete but each member will receive a trophy or medallion.
  • Exhibition Teams -Teams will consist of members Junior & Up.  Exhibition Teams do not compete but each member will receive a trophy or medallion.
  • Parent Teams – Athlete Parent or Guardians.
  • Special Needs Teams – Compete FREE.

 *Deductions are determined by the Judging Panel. All judges decisions are FINAL.

2016-2017 List of Glossaries

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