Competition Fees

Breakdown of Competition Fees per event!

Click here to see breakdown of fees per event.

  • New Bundle BOGO Plan! Register & Send in you your deposit fees by by the Due Date – July 1st!
  • New Prep Team Fees!
  • Coaches are granted access to the Warm-up area, (2) Coaches per team, the USASF Rule still applies. Coaches Must be listed on the USASF List to enter.
  • To Avoid Late Fees, Register 30 day prior to each desired event.
  • Fees received in office 2 weeks prior to any competition MUST be in the form of a CREDIT CARD PAYMENT, CASHIER CHECK, OR MONEY ORDER (ANY OTHER FORM OF PAYMENT CAN NOT BE ACCEPTED).
  • Each participant pay per event/division.
  • See Cancellation Policy.