How To Register

Click Here To Download a Printable Form on How to Register

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What competition would I like to attend? Regional Championships Events, or the Texas Open Nationals Championship Event.
  2. What division do I want to register for? Cheer, Dance, Individual, Show, Exhibition, Parent, Special Needs.
  3. What’s my team(s) ability level? Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, Level 4.2, Level 5.
  4. What’s my team(s) Age Division? Tiny, Mini, Youth Prep, Etc?
  5. Will my team be performing as an: All-Star, League/Rec. School, Etc?
  6. Do I have between 5-36 team members on a team? Please visit USASF for NEW Team size.
  7. Then, click on the Forms Button and print out the correct registration form that corresponds with the competition you would like to attend.
  8. Also, print out the Code of Conduct form; be sure that all Coaches sign this form.
  9. Print out the Submission/Compliance Form; be sure to make copies for every participant. Have the Parent/Guardian/Athlete sign where needed.
  10. Don’t forget the Team Roster, this form is very important. Cheer USA Championships uses this form to count the number of awards that’s given out at each event. Example of awards. Tees, Medallions, Bags, Etc.
  11. NEW! Don’t forget to Print out the Team CC Authorization Form. If you are paying with a Credit Card. Attach this form to your Registration Form.

Remember only Cheer USA Championships forms will be accepted.  If you send a request via e-mail please include a fax number, if any, name of coach, name team, and event date. And, Remember YOUR Registration Date determines YOUR Competition Fees!

All forms should be in office by the deadline. EXCEPT, Compliance Forms. Checks should be made payable toCheer USA Championships.  You may pay by school/gym/studio checks, money order, and cashier checks.  No Personal Checks Accepted. If you need hotel accommodations check website under each competition prior to competition date.

Return all Cheer USA forms to:

  • Cheer USA Championships
  • P.O. Box 1548
  • Huffman, Texas 77336-1548
  • No REFUNDS for competitions, drops, or no-shows.  See: Cancellation Policy.
  • No phone in registration
  • Checks will be accepted from Schools, Gyms, Leagues and Booster Clubs ONLY!
  •  (2 weeks prior, Cashier Check/Money Order/Credit Card Payment Only)
  • Individuals that participate without teams will pay by money order or cashier checks.
  • Participants pay each time he/she performs.
  • A $30 Returned Check fee will be charged for each insufficient check.
  • All Registration Forms and Payments MUST be in office by the Final Registration Date to be listed on the Event Schedule.

Here’s a List of Cheer USA Championships Forms that’s needed to participant at our Events.

  1. a)Individual Compliance/Submission Waiver Form: A Compliance/Submission Form must be read and signed by each Parent/Guardian and or Athlete (participant) 18 years & younger in order to participate at any Cheer USA Championships Event.  Once a Compliance Form is on file it is good for the entire competition season.
  2. b) Team Waiver Form:  This NEW Form was designed for those gyms that wanted to count down on paperwork. Simply complete the    two page form and have the parents for their team complete the form.  All the participants information will be on ONE form. One form is due for EACH participating team.
  3. c) Registration Form:  Cheer USA may use different forms for different Competitions.  Be sure to use the correct Registration Form.
  4. d) Code of Conduct Form: A Code of Conduct Form must be signed by the coach/director/advisor before attending the event.  Coaches can bring the code of conduct form to registration. Teams/Individuals cannot perform without a Code of Conduct of File.
  5. e) Team Roster Form: Each team must have its own separate roster.  If your teams count change then a new roster must be sent in.  The entry fee will accompany the team roster. Be sure to indicate Crossover Participants and 3rd member discount for Nationals ONLY if applicable.
  6. f) Individual Registration Form: Each individual participant will need to be listed on the individual competition form not the Team Registration Form.
  7. g) Team Credit Card Authorization Form: This form MUST be used if you are paying with a CC for your team registration. Mail in this form along with your Registration Form, or email form to: