2015-2106 Cheer USA National Awards



Cheer & Dance Team Awards & Gifts!

(Awards may vary. Cheer USA has the right to Add, Substitute and or Delete Awards)

  • (Nationals Participation Gift),
  • Coaches Gift
  • Placement Team Trophies or Plaques, Cheer USA recognizes every team for the hard work and sacrifices that they have made to be at our Events.
  • 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Place Medallions, Cheer USA gives special recognition to individual team participants who place in the top 3.
  • 1st Place Team Winners, “Champions” will receive Cheer USA’s NEW National Champion Jackets. If a team competes ALONE in a division, See: Competition Structure Below.
  • National Champions will receive a Champion Team Banner.
  • Champions are recognized in the Cheer USA National Program.
  • Champions are also recognized on Cheer USA’s Website @
Individual Awards & Gifts
  • Individual Placement Plaques, for each individual participant.
  • National Champions will receive Individual Champion Jackets.
  • Champions are recognized in the Cheer USA National Program.
  • Champions are also recognized on Cheer USA’s Website @
Show/Exhibition Team Awards
  • Individual Championship Cups or Trophies for Show/Exhibition Team Participants.
Grand Champions
  • CASH Awarded in ALL Levels.
Choreography Award, Selected from the Cheer and Dance Divisions.
  • Choreography Team Banner
  • Choreography Award Winners are recognized in the Cheer USA National Program
  • Choreography Award Winners are recognized on Cheer USA’s Website @
  • Cheer and Dance Teams Compete Twice on Saturday “Pre-liminary” and Sunday “Finals”
  • All-Star Prep, Show, Exhibition, & Parent Teams perform once, usually on Saturday. 
  • Individuals perform on Saturday unless otherwise noted. Awards are held the same day.
  • Competing teams scores will carry over from Saturday and calculated with the team score from Sunday!  The highest score from both days will be named Champions, unless otherwise noted.
  • If Any team and or individual at Nationals is the only competing team in that division will have the following choices regarding National Competition:
  1. The Team and or individual may choose to stay in the division without a competitor but ONLY with the understanding that they will have to meet a pre-determined score to receive National Champion Jackets.  Which is the same as competing against the Score.
  2. If the pre-determined score is not met, then the winner will be “Announced” as a 1st Place Winner. 
  3. Pre-Determined Scores will be given to the coaches at Registration Check-In.


No Qualification Necessary to Attend

The Texas State Open Nationals is schedule for April 9-10, 2016 in Houston, Texas. Coaches will be notified prior to the Event on any changes.

No Bid Qualifications are Necessary to attend the 2015-2016 Texas State Open Nationals in Houston, Texas; However, A team and or Individual must attend any Regional Qualifying Event before qualifying for Cash Prizes at Nationals. If a gym and or individual decide to compete with us more than once prior to the 2015-2016 Texas State Open Nationals the Gym and or Individual may qualify for High Point. 

The Texas State Open Nationals

April 9-10, 2016 – Houston, Texas

Here are more reasons to Attend Cheer USA’s Texas Open Nationals:

  1. Practice makes perfect. Perform your routines in front of Qualified, Certified Judges, who have been in busy for over 20 years.
  2. Cheer USA has NEW and improved Score Sheets.
  3. Our Judges will prepare you for Worlds
  4. Receive Award Recognition on a job well done.
  5. Teams/Individuals have the opportunity to WIN High Point Team/Individual Champions at Nationals.
  6. Grand Champion Winners, named at Nationals.
  7. CASH Prizes Offered in All Levels.
  8. Fun, On-Time Events.

*Cheer USA reserves the right to change, add, and or delete awards according to team and or individual participation. Remember, you must qualify to Win a Cash Prize at Nationals! Please note: Cheer USA cannot award cash prizes in combination with other programs. Ex. The Season Pass program.