2015-2016 Regional Awards!!!!

Team Awards & Gifts
  • Cheer USA Event T-Shirts, Cheer USA recognizes each individual participant with a Cheer USA Event Tee. Please note that event T-Shirts may not be available at all events.
  • Regional Team Placement Trophies and or Plaques, Cheer USA recognizes each team for their hard work.
  • 1st – 3rd Team winners will receive medallions!
Individual Awards
  • Individual Placement Trophies and or Plaques
Show/Exhibition Team Awards!
  • Individual Trophies for each Show/Exhibition performing team member.
Special Awards Include! (Cheer USA reserves the right to add or delete awards according to attendance.)
  • Traveling Team Award “Team Trophy or Plaque”, Cheer USA recognizes the team that travels the farthest.
  • Gym Participation Award “Team Trophy or Plaque”, Cheer USA recognizes the Gym that brings the most teams.
  • Spirit Award “Team Trophy or Plaque”, Cheer USA recognizes the team with the most spirit from the Team/Parents/Athletes, must have Great Attitudes.


Reasons to Attend A Cheer USA Championship Regional Event

  1. Practice makes perfect. Perform your routines in front of Qualified, Certified Judges, who have been in busy for over 20 years.
  2. Our Judges will prepare you for Nationals!
  3. Receive Award Recognition on a job well done.
  4. Teams/Individuals have the opportunity to Qualify for Grand/High Point Champions by attend any 2 regional events prior to the 13-14 Nationals
  5. Grand/High Point Champion Winners, named at Nationals.
  6. Qualify for the Cash Awards at Nationals by attending any Regional Event prior to the 2014-2015 Texas State Open Nationals!
  7. Fun, On-Time Events.


*Cheer USA Reserves the Right to Substitute All Awards!