Spotter Policy

In an effort to promote a safe competition environment, Cheer USA Championships is allowing programs to provide spotters at all Cheer USA Championship Events. Cheer USA will NOT be providing routine spotters. It will be at the discretion of the coach as to how many routine spotters you choose to use. Within the past years coaches has requested that Cheer USA allow their own Coaches to spot their own routines and we feel that coaches are better equipped to spot their own routines due to familiarity of the routine skills and safety concerns. Programs are ALLOWED to use spotters per routine; however, spotters are not required. All Spotters must follow the Spotter Rules listed below.

Definition of Spotter: An Individual appointed by the Program to provide safety precautions during the stunting, pyramid, and/or basket toss sections of the routine.

Spotter Rules:

  • Spotters should stand on the back edge of the floor during sections of the routine that they are not spotting. Spotters may only spot during the stunt, pyramid, and/or basket toss sections of the routine.
  • Spotters may not touch, assist, or save skills while they are being executed. Spotters may only be used to prevent a fall to the competition surface.
  • Spotters should be dressed presentable and not wear anything that will prohibit them from spotting properly and should not wear attire that is similar to the performing team’s uniform.
  • Spotters should not act or dress in a manner that distracts from the performance.
  • Spotters should be familiar with the performance routine, and know proper spotting technique and will not be mistaken as part of the routine.

Spotter Penalty: A 1-point penalty may be assessed if Spotter Rules are not followed; penalties are at the sole discretion of the Cheer USA Judging Panel.